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Our Mission

Every day, we live to enhance the joy of being a loving pet parent - through crafting Naturally Smart, Creative, and Engaging Toys and Treats for pet parents and the pets they unconditionally love.


Our Brands

What began as a small catnip company in our founder's garage has quickly grown into a multi-brand company reaching customers all over the world. 


Founded in Kansas City, Missouri, Meowijuana has been working to create great catnip since 2016. Meowijuana's legendary organic catnip is grown throughout the United States and Canada and is of the utmost quality.


Doggijuana is a revolutionary brand of dog toys. Dogs experience the world through their noses and catnip is a natural way to encourage dogs to play. Doggijuana's signature Juananip (aka catnip) ups the attractor-factor of toys and encourages dogs to play longer through scent. When eaten, Juananip produces a calming effect that helps dogs chill - naturally! 

Our Awards

The SmarterPaw team has won multiple awards over the past few years for innovation in the pet industry and has been recognized by organizations such as Inc. Magazine, Pet Insight Magazine, Pet Business, SuperZoo, Global Pet Expo, Pet Age, and more.



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